What are your areas of expertise?

We specialize in everything event related. We have been organizing events for over a decade now, hosting all types of events including Weddings, Birthday Parties and Business Gatherings. We ensure that each client receives exceptional service through careful planning and we are happy to provide testimonials and references upon request.

What services do you offer?

We offer comprehensive event packages that include everything needed to run a successful event: 6 locations to choose from, 3 restaurants, DJ sound booths, decor and seating, and bar amenities if needed.

What are your fees?

All our fees are outlined in our different packages. You can download our event brochure by clicking on the menu in the top right. Most packages require some kind of deposit as some of our venues book quickly and we have limited availability during specific times.

How early do we need to start planning an event?

Generally speaking it's best to start planning your event at least 3 months prior to its date and even better 6 months which allows you adequate time to prepare everything from location to food and decor. Planning an event early also ensures that a location is available on your specific date.

Can you cope with last minute changes of plan?

As we have been event planning for quite some time we have come to experience the unexpected. In these situations we draw from our experience and reliable staff to ensure that last minute changes are adequately made when necessary. Your event planner will do everything in their power to organize the event so these changes can be mostly avoided or will address these changes professionally as needed.

Do we need to hire a separate event planner?

No you do not. All stages of event planning and coordination are handled in-house by our team. We'll manage your event as though it were our own. We'll be there to help you visualize your goals and find out what your choices are. We will provide you with end to end service and will be there to ensure a successful event.

How often do we meet?

At our initial meeting or once services have been agreed upon we will build a schedule for you so we know what you want your event to be like. We'll come up with an estimation for the total number of gatherings and time needed during the meeting to help you stay on track with your budget.

What separates you from other event venues?

We have the experience and the capability to handle everything in house. This means that you don't have to hire 5 different vendors for different things. We include everything needed to run a successful event in our different packages.